To share again

It appears that I will not have much computer time this week, and so I thought I would
re-post a personal favorite of mine (see below) — a post which I published during my first weeks of blogging, and as a result, was not seen by many people.

I wrote this years ago, while pondering the absolute wonder of each of us being eternal thoughts of God. I was simply overcome with joy at the realization that God has never not been thinking about me – and you.

Mother Angelica long ago wrote a booklet entitled: Before Time Began. It impressed upon me how precious and valuable each one of us is, and what a miracle it is to exist, and to have life, and therefore how utterly precious this gift of life, which comes forth from our Eternal Father – our Abba – really is!

If I have time tomorrow, I will share more about this booklet of Mother Angelica’s.

Hope the post below isn’t a rerun for most of you. Please forgive me if it is!


Your thoughts?

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