The Invitation

My Jesus, thank You for Your Presence here, where I can worship You, face to Face – a true prelude to Heaven.

Our intimacy deepens with each encounter; I can feel it in my soul. You are always the same, but I am never the same after having gazed upon You!

Come and see,” You told your future disciples in those early days, when they asked where you stayed. (John 1:39)

You gave them no answer that might merely satisfy their curiosity and allow them to separate from You.  Instead, You lovingly answered their question with an invitation.

You desired their company, and You wanted to give them the Gift of Your Presence.

They stayed all evening. How welcome, how comfortable they must have felt, and how drawn to Your Most Adorable Person.

Your Mother was most likely there. I can imagine her joy as she heard laughter and looked down the dusty road to see you accompanied by your new friends. No doubt, the delicious aroma of freshly baking bread was soon wafting through Your little home, as Mary prepared supper, while quietly singing Psalms of praise to Your Father.

I wonder what You and Your new companions talked about during those hours. I’m sure that You asked them many questions. (You love to ask questions.)

Oh, please speak to me too! I have found You here, in Your Real Presence, where You dwell as fully and alive as Your did on that long ago day in Nazareth.

I rejoice that I too know where You stay!

“I have found Him Whom my heart loves. I have taken hold of Him, and will not let Him go.” (Song of Songs 3:4)

Your thoughts?

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