Friday meditation

This song, I found My Beloved, is from my favorite John Michael Talbot collection entitled The Lover and the Beloved.  Most of the songs on the album are based on the exquisite poem/book of St. John of the Cross entitled, The Living Flame of Love.  Therese quotes often from this mystical poem composed by her spiritual Father in Carmel.   

The scenes portrayed in the video are from the movie The Passion of the Christ, and therefore are a pictorial of the suffering Bridegroom.

This is much more a meditation than a song. 

6 thoughts on “Friday meditation

    • Hi Elizabeth. The album is still available. In fact, I need to order the CD. I still have the much worn cassette tape I bought about 20 years ago! I can’t even play it in my car, as
      there is no cassette player : ) There are several beautiful songs in the collection. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment. God bless you.

  1. i love John Michael Talbots music… his story is amazing and his lyrics are moving.
    Thank you for sharing this Patricia. btw, i have put a prayer intentions page on my blog too! thanks for the idea!

    Always in Christ…

    • Hi Isaac. So glad you are a JMT fan as well. I love that so many of his lyrics are from Scripture. Singing along with him is a wonderful way to commit Scripture to memory. Great that you posted a prayer intentions page on your blog too. I got the idea from Autumn’s Leaves. I think it’s wonderful for us to pray for one another. Thank you and God bless!

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