My Jesus, You embraced me when I was but twenty-five, a long, tender embrace which drew me to You forever. I stayed in Your arms for a while. Oh, how delightful it was there — a foretaste of Heaven.

Then, taking my hand, You led me to the battlefield.  And blood flowed.

There have been many wounds, and much sorrow and pain. At times I thought I was mortally wounded, but You never left my side. Your Love has sustained me.

You gave me mighty weapons to wage my battles — faith in Your Merciful Love, trust in Your Infinite Goodness, a thirst for You in Your Most Blessed Sacrament.

You gave me other gifts that were “wrapped.”  At first, they seemed like unwelcome presents, but beneath the wrapping, I found treasures.

So often, You gave me what I did not want, but later realized, was exactly what I needed.

You have not permitted me to become attached to even what seemed good to me.

You gave me lovely gifts, but withheld others in order to plant a few seeds of humility in my poor soul.

I am amazed at Your untiring Love and Patience toward me.  Sometimes I think I am dreaming….

I love to call You the Faithful One, and You are indeed that, as well as my Adored One.

It delights me that You will never forget a single word or act of love from me, and yet, you do forget all of my sins, once my soul has been washed in Your Most Precious Blood.

My Jesus, You have denied me so many things I desired in this life, but looking back, I realize that your Love has given me an abundance of all that is best.

Thank You for choosing for me, that I might be able to say:

I choose You forever, my Most Precious God!

8 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Patricia, you must give some thought to collecting your poems. They’re as beautiful as anything written by the saints. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Joyce, I’ve read so much written by the Saints (especially Therese), that I sometimes wonder if I’m a plagiarist! I don’t have any new material : )
      That said — thank you so very much for you kind words and encouragement. I’ve prayed for a long time to be able to write about God’s Love, Beauty, and Tenderness in a way that might touch a few hearts. Actually, many hearts, but then that is up to Him. May He be forever praised!

  2. Lately I seem to keep running across the theme of God choosing us to be His own, to do His work. Must be a meaning behind that…something for me to pray about a bit more. Your poem/prayer is so lovely!

    • Thank you, Anne. I hope you will share the fruit of your prayer on the theme you mentioned. It almost seems like it’s what Jesus came to tell us by His example — that God is truly our Father, and that we must strive to be like Him, and love as He loves. Hope to read your thoughts soon!

  3. Reblogged this on I Want to See God and commented:

    I have been thinking about people I know who are suffering…like my sister who has severe tinnitus and is having an MRI and a MRA as I sit here at the hospital waiting. I thought I would repost a couple of past pieces on suffering.

  4. Patricia…God’s blessings on you! I have missed so many of my blogging friendships. It’s been a long Lent (that extended past Easter) but God is giving me peace and the grace to see the life He has placed me in…not the one I keep wishing for. THIS is the path God has chosen for my sanctity…as painful as it is sometimes. These words of yours have really struck a chord…thank you.

    I am quietly tucked away here if you would like to stop by:
    {Most of my favorite past posts are hidden here too.}

    • Theresa, thank you for your kind words. I have missed you, and am so glad you have “surfaced” again : ) I like the name of your new blog; it says so much, and it seems very peaceful over there. I know what you mean about that pain…dying to self is so hard. May you find much joy being back among your blogging friends again! I think we all need each other in this world we are living in these days. Let me know if I can add you to my blogroll…or if you want to keep a low profile for now.

      Love and blessings….

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