Tuesday Adoration – prayer is not pie

Jesus, may I behold Thy Glorious Face in Heaven! St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

Today I brought with me to adoration the prayer intentions of many people.  I always pray for the needs of my family and friends, and usually there is a particular person or two who has asked for prayers for a special intention.

But this week, it seemed everywhere I went, someone had an urgent need for prayer.  A couple of friends are recovering from surgery, others have family members who are ill, a close friend desperately needs a job.  Names were popping up in my email, on the phone and even on blogs.  And of course, there was Father Corapi.

As a Carmelite, prayer is the very charism of my vocation, so I feel honored whenever anyone asks me to pray for them.  It is a joy to bring their needs before the Lord, especially in adoration.  Prayer is a gift we can all give to each other, and it costs us nothing.

I love to pray for strangers.  I think most of us have prayed for countless people unknown to us.  Maybe we see them at Mass, or in line at the supermarket, or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, etc.  Won’t it be delightful in Heaven to meet all those we have prayed for, and to find out that many strangers have prayed for us as well?

I think I might add a page to my blog for people to leave their name or an intention that they would like me to remember at my Tuesday adoration. 

I can’t believe that I once thought prayer was like a pie, and that the more people you divided it among the less each one received.  I now know that God’s Beautiful Heart is big enough for all of our prayer intentions and His Generosity could not be exhausted even if we prayed for each person on earth and in Purgatory.  And we should.

Here is a little meditation from a book I am “always” reading, and will soon list on my Bookstack. 

God bestows His Love on you wholly and entirely, and you insult Him and His Love by dividing your meager love between Him and a thousand unworthy things, or rather by squandering it through your vain attachment to transitory things!  God never tires of loving and embracing you and of showering benefits on you, and you weary if you must move a finger for so lavish and devoted a Friend!  O come, you friends, you lovers and beloved of God, and with your tears wash away the shameful insults offered to this Eternal Love!

The Glories of Divine Grace, P. 129

By Matthias J. Scheeben

(I have added a page for prayer intentions.  I would be happy to include all in my prayers.  See the tab on the header bar if you wish to add your requests.)


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Adoration – prayer is not pie

  1. I too pray for the unknown souls of those people in the world that have yet to see God.
    May God touch their hearts and help them to lead virtuous lives.

    God Bless and wonderful post!

  2. Anytime…
    btw, i know i’ve already said this, but that poem you wrote is fantastic, i was thinking of writing a poem or my blog and yours gave me the inspiration to. i love writing poetry…
    God Bless

    • Isaac, I really look forward to reading your poetry. Did you catch the Nightline special last night on Our Lady, and Medjugorje? I visited there in 1988, and I am awaiting the Church’s judgment on its authenticity.

  3. i have been to medugorje 6 times and am going again in november. it is a very holy place.
    I have seen the special too. i thought that it was ok but needed more depth. at least they didnt criticize it though.

    God Bless

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