St. Catherine of Siena prayer to the Trinity

I first read these words of St. Catherine over 30 years ago.  I was absolutely thrilled by them then, and astonished at the extravagance and daring of her description of God’s Love for us.

I located the prayer last night, and attached it beneath yesterday’s post, since it expresses so very eloquently some of what I was trying to convey.  But for those who read the post before I added Catherine’s prayer, I am highlighting it here in a place of its own, which its beauty richly deserves. 

Also, to anyone who hasn’t yet discovered The Dialogue by St. Catherine, it is a must read.  You never come to the end of it, as you find yourself returning to read certain passages over and over again, and your grasp of the content is always deepening.

Thank you, St. Catherine, virgin, stigmatist, and Doctor of the Church, for your beautiful prayer reaching with a holy daring for words to explain that which is beyond all utterance — Infinite Love.


St. Catherine of Siena prayer to the Trinity:

“How, then, did you create, O Eternal Father, this your creature? […] Fire constrained you. O ineffable love, even though in your light you saw all the iniquities, which your creature would commit against your infinite goodness, you looked as if you did not see, but rested your sight on the beauty of your creature, whom you, as mad and drunk with love, fell in love with and out of love you drew her to yourself giving her being in your image and likeness. You, eternal truth, have declared to me your truth, that is, that loved constrained you to create her.”

2 thoughts on “St. Catherine of Siena prayer to the Trinity

  1. This is so very beautiful!
    Yes I believe God is madly in love with us!
    Patricia, I want to thank you for praying for my friend.
    I really appreciate you bringing him before the Blessed Sacrament.
    Thank you!

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