“But as for you, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30

I read yesterday that God is truly, completely, absolutely, Our Father. Our existence comes forth from Him.  He gives His Own Life to us. He is really Our Father — much more than our earthly fathers could ever be.

How beautiful to call God “FATHER” — not just as a title, but as a true relationship.

This is a truth of our faith which we can never completely comprehend or exhaust.  We must return to it again and again to allow God to reveal its wonders, its heights and depths, and privilege beyond all imagining.

I recall with joy how I knew and cherished every inch of my son’s tiny body when he was an infant. I loved the sweet smell of his hair, the softness of his tiny feet, and the roundness of his baby tummy. There was never a scratch or a rash or a mark of any kind which escaped my notice. Caressed, kissed, rocked, this tiny child drew never before known streams of delight and tenderness from my heart.

Are we not consumed with love for our own children — intoxicated by our babies? So also God is intoxicated with us.  More than intoxicated – “madly in love” so say the Saints.

 We are His precious little ones.

Therese reserved for herself in Heaven the very “lap” of God.  She dreamed of the day when she would be able to climb up, and play on the knees of the Almighty One.

If we seek to become a little child like Therese, we will be humble and reverent, but also delighted that we are so loved by Our Father.  If we approach Him as a child, He will permit us intimacies which even the angels do not enjoy.

Once, when I was feeling sad and lonely, I said to God:  “Oh how I wish You could give me a hug!”  Immediately I heard in my heart, so clearly and tenderly, “I am always hugging you.” 

If the very hairs of our head are counted, as Jesus tells us, then can we doubt that we too are being kissed and caressed and rocked in the arms of God – “always.”

 (See below for related idea expressed much more eloquently by the great Saint and Doctor of the Church) 

St. Catherine of Siena prayer to the Trinity:

“How, then, did you create, O Eternal Father, this your creature? […] Fire constrained you. O ineffable love, even though in your light you saw all the iniquities, which your creature would commit against your infinite goodness, you looked as if you did not see, but rested your sight on the beauty of your creature, whom you, as mad and drunk with love, fell in love with and out of love you drew her to yourself giving her being in your image and likeness. You, eternal truth, have declared to me your truth, that is, that loved constrained you to create her.”

4 thoughts on ““But as for you, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30

  1. Another gem of a post, Patricia. You know, sometimes when I think of the time when I might finally get to Heaven, I look back on my childhood, when I was very young, waiting in line in the Enchanted Village at Wanamaker’s to see Santa Claus. It was nothing short of magical when the jolly old man in the red suit would pull me onto his lap and listen intently to my Christmas wish list. Sometimes, when I think of meeting God the Father, I can’t help but have the image of me timidly but joyfully approaching Santa, speaking to him in hushed tones, and feeling at that moment that I was the most important person in the world. If a perfect stranger playing make-believe could bring such sheer joy to another stranger, how much more will the Father Who knew me before I was born satisfy every longing of my heart? When I struggle, as I have been a bit of late, I try to remind myself that in the blink of an eye, this exile will have ended and if I live my life right, I will be permitted to enter into the joy of the Master’s House and these trials will seem as drops in a bucket. Thanks again for this beautiful reflection 🙂

    • Thanks Joyce. I enjoyed reading your comment so much. And, funny you should mention it, but I did think of Santa when I was gathering my thoughts for that post.
      Won’t it be beyond amazing when at last we meet our precious heavenly Father! Imagine how safe and loved we will feel. It just takes your breath away. I too struggle these days, and I hope when I get there, that Therese will move over and make room for me on His lap, so that I can nap for a few centuries or so! : )

    • Anne, thank you so much for your comment. It reminded me that I had read somewhere that St. Catherine of Siena wrote that God is “drunk with love” for His creatures. So, I found the quote and added it below my post. It’s so beautiful the way she expresses it!

      I’ll meet you on His lap someday! Oh joy!

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