Will You?

“Behold this Heart Which has so loved men, but which is loved so little in return.”


Will you love Me in return?

Will you choose Me above all others?

Will you confide in Me all your joys and sorrows?

Will you allow Me to love you as completely as I desire?

Will you rest your head upon My breast?

Will you believe in My Tenderness, in My Mercy?

Will you trust Me with everything?

Will you permit Me to embrace you at every moment of your life?

Will you believe that I never leave you?

Will you think of Me often throughout your day?

Will you plan “surprises” for Me? (I love when you wish to do something very special for love of Me.)

Will you receive Me with joy and with reverence in My Sacrament of Love?

Will you look at Me alone during those sweet moments when your little heart is joined to My Flaming One?

Will you visit Me in a chapel or church where I wait as a Prisoner of Love?

For love of Me, will you love your enemies?

Will you embrace those who hurt you and cause you sorrow?

Will you still smile at Me through your tears?

When all seems lost and broken in life, will you still trust Me?

Will you believe that I love you more than the infinite worlds I could have created?

Do you know I love you as if there were no one else to love?

Will you share every moment of your life with Me?

Will you tell Me of your love in a thousand different ways?

May I be the first One you think of in the morning, and the last One you remember as you drift off to sleep?

Will you believe in My Love? For I love you more than your most daring dreams could ever imagine!

O My precious child, if only you could know how much I love you, and how I long for you to love me in return! I could have created you such that you would have no choice but to love me. But, like all lovers, I yearn to be desired and sought and chosen. And so I made you free, so that you could choose to love me – or not. 

There are so few who truly love Me. There are so many who give Me not one glance or one word for months and years, and yet I still wait for them. I am cursed and blasphemed and hated by those I only seek to love and lavish my gifts upon.

You at least, will you love Me? Will you try to make up for the others? Even pray for their salvation so that they too will love me one day?  You see?  I am a Divine Beggar, Who so thirsts for love!

O come to me, My child. Embrace me and permit Me to carry you in My Sacred and Merciful Heart all the days of your life, until at last I can pour out upon you the torrents of Love I must restrain now, lest they sweep you away in your frailty.

Please love Me, my Child.  I died for your love!


16 thoughts on “Will You?

  1. Patricia, this post is exceptionally beautiful and touching. Your entire blog is lovely and heartfelt. I know that Jesus must be so pleased by your love for Him! I look forward to visiting here often! Thanks for your kind note on my little blog!

    • Anne, thank you! I am so honored. Your blog is amazing. I especially love your blog title, and the Scripture verse from which you drew it. I do so hope that Jesus is pleased and consoled by the many blogs out there which give Him glory and extol His Incomparable Love. Thank you again for your kind words.

  2. This is so beautiful and moving Patricia, I’m sorry I didn’t see it yesterday. I just posted a link to it on my blog. Thank you so much.
    God Bless!

    • Joyce, how kind of you to put a link to my post on your blog. Several people have already clicked on it. I know we share the same desire: to see Jesus more known and loved by all of His children. As I wrote that post, I was ashamed that I could not answer all of those questions the way I so long to. But I’m praying that one day I will. May God bless you, and give to you the grace of making Him much loved! Sound familiar? : )

  3. Patricia, thank you for this very beautiful post and meditation.
    If it’s not too personal to ask..I am wondering about the last segment in italics..did you receive these words from the Lord yourself?
    They echo in my soul.
    If you would prefer to email your reply to me I would be most happy to hear from you.
    God bless you..Trish

    • Thanks, Dana. I know what you mean about “I will try.” I’m so ashamed to go down that list and see areas where I don’t always make much of an effort. Like you, I hope to keep trying though.

  4. I feel drawn to use this post for my prayer and meditation tomorrow, First Friday. I’m excited to see where God leads with this, in prayer! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    • Nancy, have a most blessed First Friday, and I am so grateful to Our Lord that you might find these reflections useful. I think the first First Friday link-up went really well. Did you read the post by the “where is the Sacred Heart in the bible” blogger? That was amazing! I want to read more of his work.
      Hugs to you, dear and precious friend! Goodnight…I’m headed to the Prie Dieu 🙂

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