Tuesday Adoration – at home

Tuesday adoration will be at home today.  I awoke this morning with an excruciating migraine.  What I call a “five star” headache.  The kind which requires prescription medication and bed rest.

I am so disappointed, but still grateful that this doesn’t happen to me as often as it did a few years ago.  I called a substitute, a lovely lady who has several committed holy hours each week, and is always happy to fill in for others.  I know that Jesus will be well “cared for” in my absence.

Yet, I miss my “prayer power” day so much.  On Tuesdays, I am blessed to spend from 4pm to 6pm with Jesus in the adoration chapel, followed by 6pm Mass.  (Yes, I am always 5 minutes late as I rush from chapel to Mass in the main church.)

No matter what happens the rest of the week, that extended visit in the Real Presence of Jesus is like an anchor for me.  I will miss Him today.

Still, I remember the quiet resignation of Therese, who was unable, because of her illness, to receive Holy Communion for the last several weeks of her life. What a sacrifice!  Far from feeling sorry for herself, she graciously accepted God’s Will.  She liked to repeat, “I love whatever He does.”

In fact, when Therese made her offering of herself as a “Holocaust to Merciful Love,” she asked Jesus:  “..remain in me as in the tabernacle; never leave Your little victim.”

Therese did not say meaningless things.  I am quite sure that she meant what she asked.  I also cannot believe that Jesus would deny her anything, and it is my personal belief that she did receive such a great Grace.

When we are (seemingly) denied opportunities for Grace and communing with the Lord, it is tempting to ask, “But why, Jesus?” 

How well Therese teaches us to simply accept what God permits, and do the best we can.  I know I often forget how very much He values obedience.

Meanwhile, I can be grateful that the pain has backed off a bit, and although I wouldn’t drive while on medication, I can still pray here at home.  And I can still make a spiritual Communion, and Jesus will come as He promised.  Hopefully I can spend at least one holy hour with Him later this week.

As for my friend, Marie, she will be kneeling in my place today with her beautiful heart, but also with the good deed she did for me.  And Jesus will be pleased.

And does anything else really matter?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Adoration – at home

  1. I am so sorry about your migraine. I get those really bad sometimes, too. I try to use those opportunities of suffering to meditate upon Christ’s sacrifice for me. I also offer up the suffering for the souls in purgatory. At least it makes me feel that my day was not wasted. (I can tell you get the kind that completely shuts you down for the day as well.) What a great post! I could relate!

    • Hi fellow migraine sufferer! Like you, I hope we are helping lots of souls through offering up the pain! I heard a priest speak once about how in Heaven, those parts of our bodies which have suffered the most will be the most glorified. He spoke of the Wounds of Jesus, which now shine “like rubies” in His Glorified Body.

      Occasionally I joke with my friends: When you look for me in Heaven, I’ll be the one with the glowing head! You just have to laugh about it sometimes : )

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