Tuesday Adoration: When the story ends…

Adoration was a struggle today.  I kept fighting sleep.  But I know Jesus understood.  We had a refrigerator incident at my house last night.

I was up alone about 11pm when I heard a “noise of concern” coming from the kitchen.  Upon checking, I discovered that the refrigerator ice-maker was spewing water like a fountain, and it was running down into the fridge and bottom freezer compartment and onto the floor.

No way could I handle this myself.  I woke up my husband, and he worked on getting the water turned off while I gathered towels to sop up the lake that was rapidly forming on the kitchen floor.

Eventually we got matters under control, and the fridge and freezer both got a good cleaning.  But in the midst of this, I heard myself complaining to my husband, (whose alarm was set for 5 am) about how he was arranging the food, and how insane he was to suggest that I just throw the wet towels into the dryer, without first washing them.  (They were “rag” towels from the garage.)

“What?”  I gasped.  And then came behind him to make sure he had dried the interior of the fridge properly.  Then I complained because he wanted to leave the dismantled ice maker on the kitchen island.

While at adoration today, I thought about these things.  They are little things to be sure, but that’s just the point.  I could have washed the towels anyway, without making my husband sound like an idiot.  And so what if the ice maker spent the day on the kitchen counter?

So, I got out my little notebook and I wrote down these things, and next to them I jotted:  “Life is too short.”

I think of that a lot lately.  Life is too short to hold a grudge, to add to anyone’s burden, to not forgive immediately, to dwell on past hurts, to complain, to grab the spotlight from another, to not express gratitude, to not say a kind word, to not smile often at everyone…, and the list is endless.

I used to love to read bedtime stories to my son.  I did it for years, even after he could read well himself.  But one night, I read the last story.  I don’t remember what night it was, or the name of the story, but there was a final story.  It wasn’t planned.  It just happened, without my even knowing it.

And someday, I’ll give someone my last smile, my last compliment, my last word of encouragement.  I probably won’t even know it at the time.  But God will.

Oh Jesus, life is too short to be anything but kind and generous and forgiving.  Help me to be all those things and more, for I do not know when my story will end, and You will close the book forever.


One thought on “Tuesday Adoration: When the story ends…

  1. It’s so true – life is too short to keep holding onto the myriad of small things that we allow to steal our peace with God and others.
    Thank you for these good words and this timely reminder!
    God bless you..Trish

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