The Hidden Face of Love


 O Jesus hidden in the Host,
You cannot hide Your Love!
Though Your Divine Beauty may be veiled,
Your Love will tolerate no limits.
No disguise can contain Its Burning Thirst.
Hide, If You will, Your Glorious Face.
But Your Love, You cannot hide.
I have felt Its Flames dancing in my being,
A Divine Rhapsody.
It calls to me from Your Sacred Presence,
An Irresistible Song.
I am caught up in the Melody that will never end,
Eternity’s Chorus: GOD IS LOVE!


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Face of Love

  1. Did you write this at Adoration? You might have quite a beautiful collection of prayers for others to pray while in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Thanks for sharing Patricia!

  2. Yes, but not today. Today I was trying to stay awake! We had a “refrigerator incident” around midnight last night. : )

    Thanks for the kind words, and I hope others will feel free to use anything they may like. I’m in your camp, with Therese: If it’s any good, it belongs to the Holy Spirit — not me.

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