What would Jesus do?

“If there is a divine judgment on unrighteousness, we may take God’s word for it that there is also, perhaps more severe, judgment on self-righteousness.

For those of us not tormented by the appetite for promiscuous sex, a more sinister temptation gleams — the desire to toss and gore public offenders until the last rag of their humanity has been shredded

 The need to be…comforted by the sins of others puts us at final risk with God as surely as if we traveled the fast track on the streets of San Francisco. In fact, our risk is likely to be greater…

The misery that comes from human fallenness typically evoked not Jesus’ condemnation but his compassion. He asked the chance to eat with sinners. Nobody else did. He touched lepers. Nobody else did.

It is a grave mistake to underestimate sin and strive for no-fault moralities…But it is an even greater mistake to underestimate..the reach of divine compassion. Sin is not acceptable to God; repentant sinners are.”

Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Christianity Today (circa 1980’s)

I came across the above comments when Jimmy Swaggart was enduring his “fall from grace.” These words struck me deeply as this man, of whom I was no fan, was constant fodder on television, in the newspapers and on late night talk shows.

Encountering everywhere, the current media obsession of the past few days, I felt a need to take out the clipping and read it again.

I do agree that public figures need to be answerable for their actions, and that most of them should probably resign, certainly in the current case.

But, I am haunted by the almost gleeful ranting over these individuals. The scene of Jesus with the woman taken in adultery comes to mind. The stones of today are words, which cut just as deeply and can wound a person’s self-worth, dignity and humanity to such an extent that he may never recover.

There but for the Grace of God go I.   May God have mercy on us all!

Let us pray…..


5 thoughts on “What would Jesus do?

    • Thanks, Dana. There should be some reasonable reporting, and then let it go. What i hate are the constant “details.” I don’t have any little ones, but they wouldn’t be able to watch the news this week — or hardly ever!

  1. I agree with you Patricia, the hunger for the sordid details is disturbing. It’s not just the case with sex either. There are many times when I wonder what purpose it serves to take someone’s personal life and smear it all over the place.

    • It is disturbing — almost like a celebratory attitude over someone else’s shameful deeds. I’m so tired of all the nasty jokes etc. You are right about the “smear”. Poor Sarah Palin can’t do anything right. I wouldn’t want her as president, but I’ve never seen anyone else trashed on a daily basis like she has been for the past couple of years.

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