Rest in Peace, dear Jeff

While I was on a layover in an airport today, I received a text message from my son.  Jeff passed away at 12:30pm.  May he rest in peace.

I posted about Jeff’s illness on May16, requesting prayers for him and his family.  Now that he has gone on to the Lord, I know that prayers for the repose of his soul, and also for his grieving family would be much appreciated.

I am grateful that God placed Jeff deeply in my thoughts and prayers both last night, and this morning at Mass.  It is somehow so very comforting to me when I learn that I have been praying for someone during the very hours preceding their entry into eternal life.

After boarding my flight, I whispered a heartfelt prayer to Jeff.  In a brief span of time, I had moved from intercessor to petitioner. 

How beautiful is the Mystical Body of Christ and the Communion of Saints!

Rest in peace, dear Jeff, and pray for us.


4 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, dear Jeff

  1. While I am genuinely sorry for the loss, I also rejoice that the Lord saw fit to take Jeff to Himself, into His eternal safekeeping. Prayers for his family.

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