Not with silver or gold…..


   Jesus, Your Blood!  Why am I thinking so much of Your Blood?  Your Blood, so precious, poured out for me, even from the deepest recesses of Your Divine Heart.   Blood from Your head, Your hands, Your feet, Your Beautiful Face.  Was there no part of You that did not bleed for me?

     Divine Blood, all for me — soaking the wood of the cross, spilling down onto the ground.

     Your eyes, gazing far into the future, seeing me and my sins.  Your cry, “I thirst,” was a cry for my love.  As You hung there covered in Your Blood, You hoped I would notice, would care, when the time came.

     You would not drink the vinegar and bitter wine offered to You.  You were looking down through the centuries, calling to me, as to the Samaritan woman:  “Give Me to drink.”

     Love alone can quench Your thirst, this THIRST of Your Entire Being!

     Your Blood, O Jesus!  It is my Drink.  Unbelievably, You nourish me on Your Own Flesh and Blood.  Divine Food, Transforming Food, given that I might partake more and more of Your Divine Nature.          

jesus crucify

     O Jesus, Buyer of souls!  You Who own the universe, could You pay no Price but that of Your Own Blood?  Measure of YOUR LOVE for us!

Your thoughts?

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