Anyone who loves Me will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We shall come to him, and make a home in him. John 14: 23

O Most Blessed Trinity, my One God,

Trinity of Love, I worship You!

Three in One, sweet and precious Mystery,

Beloved Trinity

You choose to dwell in me.

I am Your little home

You Whom the universe cannot contain –

You seek out tiny, hidden, ordinary places,

like a stable,  a carpenter’s home, a simple host of bread,

and me!

How marvelous You are

Oh my Adored God!

You love to humble Yourself,

You before Whom the Seraphim cover their faces.

Oh, I long to see You face to face,

But I love Your game of hiding too!

How grateful I am that You never leave me.

I want to savor Your Presence within me, and all around me.

Lost in You

You in me

I so unworthy,

Your Love overcoming

even that.

Like a child, I rest in Your arms,

so safe, so loved.

Jesus, You touched the lepers,

And you eagerly touch me.

I am worse than a leper

But You are the healer of souls.

Your Goodness astounds me;

Tears flow.

Set my heart on fire like the Seraphim

Yet with uncovered face

May I gaze upon You

eternally, adoringly


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