I have loved you with an everlasting Love Jeremiah 31:3

My Dearest Father, have I always been with You? 

Was I not conceived in Love throughout all eternity?  Did I not dwell in Your Heart from everlasting to everlasting?  Loving Father, did You not tenderly cherish the idea, the thought of me for as long as You have been, which is always?

Never in Your eternal existence have You been without the desire for me.  I have been loved eternally as You awaited the moment when You would breathe life into me, and I could grow into someone who could return Your Love. 

Did the thought of my coming thrill Your Heart?

My Father, I have always been with You.  Your divine Heart was the first womb that sheltered me.  In silence, You caressed me with loving gazes.  Then, one day, Your Love reached out in time and brought me into existence.

O Eternal Father, I have not always known You, but You have always known me.  And, my dear, dear Abba, I have always been Your beloved child.


Your thoughts?

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